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Located in Brighton, Michigan, Brighton Center For Recovery offers a variety of addiction treatment options including Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction and accepts the following accepted insurances: Most Insurances. Drug and alcohol addiction is a very serious matter and the concept of addiction should never be taken lightly. At Brighton Center For Recovery, their main goal is to treat those that struggle with chronic substance abuse through innovative treatment methods and high-quality care.

Promising a unique approach to addiction treatment through drug and alcohol abuse programs in Brighton, Michigan, Brighton Center For Recovery places a strong emphasis on certain suggested treatment approaches that cater specifically to the unique needs of their patients.

Such treatment approaches that Brighton Center For Recovery offers may include: Personalized Treatment Plan. Addiction treatment services are available to 18+ and certain insurances are accepted, which include: Most Insurances. Get started on embarking upon your journey of recovery by contacting Brighton Center For Recovery from their website at

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Google Reviews

  5.0   3 years ago

I would not have been able to get clean if it weren't for this place. Most of the staff are also recovering addicts so they understand. The food is amazing and there are plenty of healthy options. As for the negative reviews- do not let them deter you from admitting yourself. I almost let them steer me away and thank God I did not. This place saved my life. Recovery takes work. I suspect that the negative reviews are from people who expected to be magically cured just from going. No. They give you the tools for recovery and offer a safe environment to detox and sort out the emotions that we have been masking with drugs for so long. But it takes willpower and hard work. I could not manage the withdrawals at home. I needed this place and I highly recommend it.

  3.0   3 years ago

It may be premature to leave a review as I only checked my father in yesterday. Our experience during check in was great. The place was nice and the staff were professional, compassion, and thorough. As I drove away, I felt a great sense of relief feeling confident that I left my father in great hands. That feeling changed today when I called to check on him and was told I'm not allowed to call in. I understand and respect the privacy policy and HIPPA laws. I have durable Power of Attorney and Medical Power of Attorney over my father and I left copies of these documents with the facility. In addition, my father signed a consent form with the social worker allowing the facility to talk to me about his care. The social worker instructed me to call today to talk to his therapist. She urged me that this call would be very important. I called once this morning and left a message which wasn't returned, I called a few hours later and a young woman answered. Not only wasn't she unhelpful, she HUNG UP on me! This is a stark opposite of my experience yesterday. I felt so much peace that I had left him in the right hands and now after being hung up on, I'm second guessing the decision. Since in have not talked to my father today, I am beginning to feel concerned. A facility like this should understand the emotional roller coaster that family member go through and the amount of trust it takes to leave their loved one in someone else's care. I was assured I'd be able to communicate with the staff, and even though I explained to the lady that I had three documents that give me the authority to do so, she simply repeated "I can't help you. There are privacy laws." When I asked to speak to a supervisor she told me no. I said I understood they needed to confirm that they had the proper documentation and I asked if she could just take my name, verify the documentation and have someone call me back. She told me "no, there are privacy laws." When I asked what the process was for me to talk to someone she said "I can't help you." Finally I gave up and started to ask her about family and friends days as I want to encourage our family to participate but need more information. Before I could get the question out, I was hung up on. My husband, who runs a home care agency, called back to speak to a supervisor. The supervisor was helpful in explaining what should've happened. And he did take my name to have my father's therapist call me back. But he was not applogotetic and when I tried to talk, I felt cut off a couple times. Maybe he was just in a hurry, but again, it's not easy to go through this. I would hope that a facility specializing in substance abuse rehab would have more patience and compassion towards family members. Quite contrary to today's experience, the nurse and social worker I met yesterday, as well as the other staff, were wonderful! I'm praying our experience here will be more of what I saw yesterday and not a repeat of today. If I were leaving a review based on yesterday, it would be five stars. Based on today, one star. I hope to be able to leave a new five star review in a couple weeks.

  5.0   4 years ago

This place saved my life. If it was not for Brighton I don't know where I would be. The staff and counselors are the best ! If you need help with a drug problem this is the place for you. Also the food is good to. So if you need help or a loved need help this is the place to call. Uncle Duck

  3.0   4 years ago

  5.0   4 years ago

The negative reviews here are hilarious. They are so obviously written by people who didn't follow the program or have glaring mental disorders; don't fret. I had an amazing time at Brighton... they truly saved my life. I've maintained 100% sobriety from alcohol since leaving after a 10 day stay (combined with AA meetings and therapy afterwards of course... you can't do it alone). It's not perfect. The food is kind of blah (CARBS CARBS CARBS) and the water in the bathroom sinks smells like rotten eggs and makes you gag when you brush your teeth with it but it's well water what do you expect? While I was a patient there were four people cheating on their spouses with each other so don't do that; it's gross and a sure sign that your life is probably way more of a mess than you think it is. There are some bad eggs sometimes; it's a rehab so you have to kind of expect that. They usually give up and go home after a few days to shoot more dope so it's all good. Despite the mental-midgets, I made quite a few friends here that I still stay in touch with. There are plenty of leisure activities to keep you busy as well as educational classes to teach you everything from coping skills to the science behind addiction. There are a few "teachers" (really just staff who have a dual-role) that kind of phone it in but the majority are awesome (VIC AND ABBY ROCK!). Life changing experience. If you're a human pile of trash you won't get much out of it and you aren't going to stay sober anyway. If you have an open mind and truly want long-term sobriety, it's worth a shot. You only get one life.

  5.0   4 years ago

I came here for my addiction to cocaine and opiates. This place helped me to get my life in order. The first step is realising you need help. The staff was amazing in helping me deal with my issues and getting my life in order. They helped me with detox and finding the underlying issues that led to my addiction in the first place. I highly reccomend this place.

  5.0   4 years ago

Very good place and wonderful doctors and staff especially Dr. Johnson if I could get a hold of her and thank her for all of her service I would personally call her. If not I’ll have to come and visit and talk to her in person just being in her presence makes u happy and confident that u can beat this horrible epidemic and be on the other side of the 99.9% of the failure rate and be the .01% success rate! As long as u do this for yourself and no one else and u out as much time into your sobriety that u used to do to get high ir drunk and put your sobriety first and foremost in front of everything else! You should be successful but it’s not a guarantee this is a fight u will be fighting the rest of your life but they definitely give u the tools and direction to get where u need to be to conquer this thing! Thanks again everyone at Brighton including all the staff, counselors, maid service, nurses, doctors, even the kitchen staff! Mike risk! The anger management and the guy who takes u on a physical activity every night that he is working to burn off steam and get exercise! I couldn’t say anything bad about this place! Only positive things! Thank u very much for all of your help!

  4.0   4 years ago

The impatient care is very good. The staff is nice and wants to see patients succeed. The didactics are very informational. I found group therapy to be my favorite part of the day because I developed a close bond with my peers, making me more comfortable to share things I wouldn't at, say, an NA/AA meeting. The food is pretty good. I habe always been pleased with Brighton until my stay at the Men's Halfway House. We were always told to make 90 meetings in 90 days but there were days I didn't go to meetings because new members can't leave campus. I was unjustly thrown out of the halfway house at 6:30 AM one day, only to be told it was a mistake and was invited back. Although I'd recommend someone going to their halfway house instead of an unsafe place, I felt like BCR didn't put much care into the operation.

  4.0   5 years ago

Going here changed my life for the me techiniques to fight addiction and cope with life is some of the best things I've learned in all of my years being on this earth and it's kinda sad how the insurance companies treat sick people in fact it opened my eyes to how we all are products for America to be exploited but it's up too you how you deal with it and turn it around

  5.0   5 years ago

Brighton hospital was by far the best rehab facility I have ever been to. The staff, nurses, therapists, and even doctors all care SO MUCH. Literally every single employee there has been in our shoes and knows what we're dealing with. They focus on the core issues of what were "running away from" instead of making us sit through boring lectures. Each program they have is always interactive, even the nutrition class which I didn't think was going to be interesting (it was). I would just like to personally thank everyone at Brighton for all the help they have provided, especially Virginia and Mike Risk. They both worked with me personally and helped me sort out so many personal issues. Thank you Brighton for giving me another shot at life, I will never forget my stay.

  5.0   5 years ago

I've been clean for awhile now. Looking back at all of the many places I've been... Brighton was by far the best. I'd go there today just to kill a week and hang out... Seriously... Oh, and the food was awesome too! You will leave fat lol

  5.0   5 years ago

Loved the techs. Vic, Mike, Brian, Mike Rusk and therapist Debbie. There for a month. Great people!

  4.0   6 years ago

I was a resident at BHRC way back during Y2K 16 years ago. I very pleased to say that I was given some KILLER TOOLS to fight my addiction! I've been fighting like Hell and keeping the beast at bay!!!!!! NEVER QUIIT QUITING!!

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